PLEGA-Med Assist Rail (Ultra Lo)

PLEGA-Med Assist Rail (Ultra Lo)

PLEGA-Med Assist Rail (Ultra Lo)


The Assist Rail is a robust, multifunctional support device designed to cater to the varying needs of individuals requiring additional mobility assistance. This versatile tool offers supportive aid during the transition from sitting to standing, reduces strain on the back and legs, and ensures safety by functioning as a protective barrier to prevent accidental falls during sleep. A standout feature is its ability to tilt both vertically and horizontally, providing convenience and flexibility by easily moving out of the way for tasks such as bed-making or patient transfers, and then readily returning to a supportive position when needed. Offering a unique blend of safety, practicality, and convenience, the Assist Rail is an exceptional choice for those seeking reliable, around-the-clock support in their daily routines.


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