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Utilise the PLEGA products for a healthier life and create a care environment to extend time in your own home. Regardless of age or ailment, our approach is to identify the individual’s needs and integrate PLEGA into your home and daily life.

Adjustable beds

Designed for the Home

PLEGA Adjustable Beds and Lift Chairs


The PLEGA Process

Adjustable beds


The first step is speaking to one of our team who will assess the profile of the end user, their current issues or ailments and discuss the product requirements and functions that best suits.


The second step is to organising a detailed product assessment and demonstration in order to effectively design the right solution. This can be undertaken in your own home or in one of our showrooms.


Once your order is processed, our specialist dispatch coordinator will make contact for you to choose a delivery day that suits. Our team are installation professionals and will handle everything from room preparation to any onsite assembly and will conduct a final product demonstration.

The PLEGA Bed Difference


Bed bases articulate in five sections to create superior contour with the body.


Mattresses are designed in conjunction with the selected bed base for perfect unity.


Equipped with upgradable functions to adapt to your needs should they change.


Seamlessly fits into home and bedroom environments.

Adjustable beds

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    Adjustable beds

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    Adjustable beds

    PLEGA is a Registered NDIS Provider.

    Adjustable beds

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