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Please call us or submit an online form if you are experiencing any issues with your PLEGA products. Our customer service team will analyse the situation and guide you towards the next steps of a solution.

• DO use a Surge Protector power board to protect the electronics. • DO watch for children and small animals around your bed. • DO keep your body in the centre of the bed when changing positions. • DO NOT alter or misuse the bed or its electrical components. • DO NOT leave the bed unattended when used by a child. • DO NOT allow liquids to come into contact with the handset. • DO NOT sit or stand on either ends of the bed whilst the bed is elevated • or being raised. • DO NOT over-stretch the hand control cable. • If the bed is not working, check the power pack and ensure the green light is on and properly plugged into the wall socket.

Our mattresses contain many layers of luxurious materials to give you a unique feeling of deep support. Slight body impressions that may appear are normal and are caused by the settling of the layers of material. In order to minimise body impressions and maximise the life of your mattress, please flip and or rotate your mattress (depending on model) at least once every two months. Do not allow anyone to stand or jump on the mattress.

Depending on the type and size of the product purchased and your bed surround. Please discuss with our PLEGA team as we can direct what is possible in both sizing and ensuring that functionality is not compromised. We are also releasing a new range of surrounds that are specifically designed for our beds.

Yes, however we offer a range of sheets specifically designed to adjust with our PLEGA beds.

Our Mattresses come standard with quilted coverings that are not waterproof, however, a mattress protector can be purchased as an accessory.

Simply unplug the bed, remove the mattress, and lift the base to the new location just as any other piece of furniture. Remember to plug the bed in again once relocated.

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