Upon arrival at your home our PLEGA delivery expert will discuss the potential layout and installation of your items being delivered.
Once all that is done we’ll set up and place your new PLEGA product in your room or designated area.

If you have purchased a PLEGA Bed or a Chair we’ll ensure that it is plugged in and our delivery expert will demonstrate how to use it.
He will also go through a few tips on how to maintain your new PLEGA product.
We will also remove the used bedding as applicable.

Receiving your new PLEGA Scooter is an exciting time. After unpacking and assembling it we’ll demonstrate the different controls and functions available and introduce you to the basics of caring for your scooter. We will show you all the adjustments and demonstrate the battery charging process. All safety issues will be discussed and our representative will be more than happy to respond to any questions you may have.

Once we go through the warranty we’ll remove all packaging from your home.
You are now ready to use your new PLEGA Bed, Chair or Scooter.