The PLEGA Homecare Electric Adjustable bed is designed to provide great relief by placing you in total control of your sleeping position. This responsive unit will await your every instruction as the touch of a button can lift, recline, and smoothly adjust to your most comfortable position.

There are no set positions. You are free to contour the bed to a precise angle, which is the reason we imagine the bed as an extension of the body. A malleable and curving support that adapts to individual pressure points and problem areas.


PLEGA Homecare Beds are available in the following sizes. If these do not suit, please contact one of our Healthcare Consultants.

(L x W x H + Mattress)

Elevation of the back of the bed can aid heart and lung conditions, hiatus hernias, and neck, shoulder and upper back pain. Adjusting the foot of the bed with its bent knee section provides relief to lower back and hip pain, varicose veins, fluid retention and cramps. The various contoured positions are great for circulatory assistance and release of pressure points around the shoulders, hips, knees and heels.

For a detailed demonstration of our beds please have a look at the
Five-part Video Presentation.

Plega beds presentation videos