PLEGA Hi-Lo Electric Adjustable Beds provide all the benefits of our Homecare model with the added ability to vertically lift and lower the frame. Such an adjustment elevates this unit into the category of domestic high care and is ideal for both nursing home or home use. As well as having full hoist clearance.

Vertically raising the bed is the most effective method of exiting the bed, as it will elevate you into a full standing position. Simply sit on the edge of the bed and feel it take away the weight of standing.

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Height adjustment is a prerequisite for carers, drastically improving safety in providing patient care. Lowering the frame to a suitable level enables the user to get into bed with minimal lifting of the legs. The lowest level situates the hips well below the knees so there is no need to fight the forces of gravity.

For a full list of available accessories please check out the Beds Accessories section.

If you do not need vertical adjustment, have a look at the PLEGA Fully Adjustable Bed or the PLEGA Back Lift Adjustable Bed.